With the combined knowledge, expertise and passion of well over 50 years in the Commercial and Domestic equipment industry, Gym Direct is set to take the Gym Equipment and Fitness Industry by storm. Gym Direct is a Distribution agent for World renowned Impulse Fitness equipment.  With this in mind, as well as partnering with one of the largest Gym Groups in South Africa, we are able to bring you the complete and ultimate fitness equipment experience in the country.

Gym Direct Head Office and showroom is based in Johannesburg but with our network and experience we are able to supply and install equipment country wide.


Commercial Equipment

Whether you need Cardio or Strength equipment for a big Commercial Fitness Chain or a smaller Corporate Office Gym, Gym Direct should be your first choice!
Our Impulse Fitness Equipment and items have heavy duty cables, pulleys & bearings. If you require machines to work approximately 8 – 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, then these products are for you.  Some of the ranges include our 500 and 700 ranges on Cardio and the IE, IT, PL and SL ranges in Strength Equipment.

Residential and Semi-Commercial Equipment

We specialise in Cardio and Strength equipment for Home use, personal training studios, smaller corporate gyms, hospitality industry, boutique hotels and hotel gyms. If you are looking for equipment to be used 7 days a week and run for approximately 3-4 hours a day then this is for you.  This includes our Encore and 300 series cardio equipment and on the strength side our IF-Range.

Functional Equipment & Accessories

No workout is complete without using some form of functional equipment. We supply Functional training equipment for personal, commercial, hospitality or corporate use.

Our ranges includes functional gym equipment as well as accessories, which allow you to expand your stretching, functional and cross fit offerings.
This includes everything from mats, steps and stability balls to plyometric boxes, kettle bells, battling ropes to name a few.


This simple, clean-line, selectorised series consist of single-function, dual-function, multi-station and home gym machines, specially designed for entry level fitness clubs and institutional applications.  If you are either an experienced athlete or beginner exerciser, you will be capable to get a quick, easy and complete workout.

A quick easy adjustment design will make your workout more effective. More importantly  they are inexpensive to own and easy to maintain.


The Functional Zone offers a modularised station, is interchangeable, and  offers full customisability to best suit individual and group fitness needs.  This emphasises every aspect of functional strength, flexibility and endurance;  it is also the wonderful choice for clubs looking for cost and space saving while maximising training options.


The SL line epitomises robust, effectiveness and aesthetics with industry standard design that will redefine the concept of the plate loaded strength training system.  Unique movements match the mechanics of the human body to help keep the user free from injury, and also reduce the feeling of using a machine.

Other features like smaller foot print, proper load points, minimum maintenance and less complex use will appeal to athlete and gym owner.  User friendly training programs will help the user understand our machine better.

This dual-function line offer the most popular exercises delivered in an 8-model package.  It’s the perfect choice for light commercial applications where floor space is limited.

PL Line is so simple and natural that it feels custom-built for every user.  8 dual-function machines act as 16 different workout stations to provide a wide range of total body training options and completely reflect human body mechanics.  It’s the standard of “Stylish” and “Concise”.

The flagship strength line is a high quality commercial series consisting of 50 modes that accommodate everyone’s workout needs from beginner exercisers to seasoned athletes.  Redefined ergonomics and improved performance make this line simple, intuitive and different.

Fitness club owners find that our IT Line fits the needs of their members, and it’s the solution to attract new members and keep the current ones.


Impulse Escalate Series escalates the IT phenomena!  For our history of innovation in strength and insight into user needs, it was a natural progression. Proven. Modern. Effective.

IE is all of those and then some with a wide variety of options and pieces suited for everyone from hardcore trainers to beginners.  IE Series is definitely your primary choice for selectorised strength equipment.  Built-in digital rep counter is a standard (excl IE9515, IE9520, IE9522)and with options including small incremental weight options.  IE Series brings strength training to the next level.  And with its four options on upholsteries. IE offers complete packages for all customers.

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