The flagship strength line is a high quality commercial series consisting of 50 modes that accommodate everyone’s workout needs from beginning exercisers to seasoned athletes.  Redefined ergonomics and improved performance make this line simple, intuitive and different.
Fitness Club owners find that our IT Line just fits the needs of their members, and it’s the solution to attract new members and keep the current ones.

IT7001 - Smith Machine


IT7002 - Seated Preacher curl

IT7003 - Ab-X

IT7004 - Stretch Trainer 240i

IT7005 - Seated Calf

IT7006 - Leg Press / Hack Squat

IT7007 - Hyper Extension

IT7009 - Flat Bench

IT7010 - Vertical Knee Up

IT7011 - Multi Adjustable Bench

IT7012 - Dumbbell Rack (12 pair)

IT7013 - Adjustable decline bench

IT7014 - Olympic Flat Bench

IT7015 - Olympic Incline Bench

IT7016 - Olympic Decline Bench

IT7017 - Plate Tree

IT7019 - Incline Lever Row

IT7020 - 45 Degree Leg Press

IT7022 - Utility Bench

IT7027 - Barbell Rack

IT7030 - Roman Chair

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