The SL line epitomises robust, effectiveness and aesthetics with industry standard design that will redefine the concept of the plate loaded strength training system.  Unique movements match the mechanics of the human body to help keep the user free from injury, and also reduce the feeling of using a machine.
Other features like smaller foot print, proper load points, minimum maintenance and less complex use will appeal to athlete and gym owner.  User friendly training programs will help the user understand our machine better.

SL7001 - Chest Press

SL7002 - Pulldown

SL7003 - Shoulder Press

SL7004 - Low Row

SL7005 - Incline Chest Press

SL7006 - Leg Press

SL7007 - Row

SL7008 - Rear Kick Back

SL7009 - Power Cage

SL7010 - Plate Tree

SL7011 - Multi Adjustable Bench

SL7012 - Multi Adjustable Bench - Platform

SL7013 - Glute Hamstring Bench

SL7014 - Half Power Rack

SL7015 - Power Rack

SL7016 - Dumbbell Rack (10 pair)

SL7017 - Seated Calf

SL7019 - Incline Row

SL7020 - Leg Press

SL7021 - Hack Squat

SL7022 - Multi-Purpose Bench

SL7023 - Bicep Curl

SL7024 - Tricep Dip

SL7025 - Leg Extension

SL7026 - Standing Leg Curl

SL7027 - Barbell Rack

SL7028 - Olympic Flat Bench

SL7029 - Olympic Incline Bench

SL7030 - Olympic Decline Bench

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