Impulse Escalate Series escalates the IT phenomena!  For our history of innovation in strength and insight into user needs, it was a natural progression. Proven. Modern. Effective.
IE is all of those and then some with a wide variety of options and pieces suited for everyone from hardcore trainers to beginners.  IE Series is definitely your primary choice for selectorised strength equipment.  Built-in digital rep counter is a standard (excl IE9515, IE9520, IE9522)and with options including small incremental weight options.  IE Series brings strength training to the next level.  And with its four options on upholsteries. IE offers complete packages for all customers.

IE9501 - Seated Chest Press


IE9502 - Pulldown


IE9503 - Arm Curl


IE9504 - Pectoral


IE9505 - Leg Extension


IE9506 - Seated Leg Curl


IE9508 - Abductor / Adductor


IE9509 - Total Hip


IE9510 - Leg Press


IE9512 - Shoulder Press


IE9514 - Abdominal


IE9515 - Pec/Delt Fly


IE9516 - Rotary Calf


IE9517 - Seated Dip


IE9518 - Rotary Torso


IE9519 - Seated Row


IE9520 - Chin Dip assist


IE9521 - Prone Leg Curl


IE9522 - Lat Pulldown / Seated Row


IE9523 - Arm Extension


IE9524 - Lateral raise


IE9532 - Back Extension


DHZ882 - Cable Jungle


IT9325 + IT9327OPT - Cable Crossover

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