This dual-function line offer the most popular exercises delivered in an 8-model package.  It’s the perfect choice for light commercial applications where floor space is limited.
PL Line is so simple and natural that it feels like custom-built for every user.  8 dual-function machines act as 16 different workout stations to provide a wide range of total body training options and completely reflect human body mechanics.  It’s the standard of “Stylish” and “Concise”.

PL9002-250 - Lat Pulldown / Seated Row

PL9010-250 - Leg Press / Calf Raise

PL9016-250 - Inner / Outer Thigh

PL9019-250 - Leg Extension / Leg Curl

PL9021-250 - Multi Chest Press

PL9022-250 - Pec Deck / Rear Delt

PL9023-250 - Biceps / Triceps

PL9024-250 - AB / Low Back

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