gym equipmentThe Impulse Fitness Range of gym equipment for home, commercial and semi-commercial gyms has been created and developed in the U.K. , by Impulse Health Tech Co. (Ltd), and has become one of the highest selling brands in gym equipment worldwide.  Gym Direct is proud to be a distributor of the Impulse Fitness Range, developed with over 35 years worth of experience by highly skilled electrical and mechanical engineers, making it an unbeatable brand that is strong, durable and stylish to boot, and is the standard of equipment in gyms throughout the world.

With this level of research and development devoted to the fitness equipment industry, you can be sure that you will be investing in the best equipment available to meet your level of requirements in the health and fitness industry, and our friendly, expert team at Gym Direct are committed to offering you a high level of service and commitment to providing you with the most suitable equipment for your gym, whether it is for home your home or, for a commercial and smaller, semi-commercial gym.

The Impulse Fitness Range offers complete packages of commercial and personal grade gym equipment and, with our combined knowledge and expertise of over 50 years in the Commercial and Residential equipment industry, Gym Direct is able to offer this international range at reasonable prices for an international standard of equipment, and to work with you to meet your budget.

You will be making the best investment you possibly can with our wide range of home, commercial and semi-commercial gym equipment from the Impulse Range, such as the PL and IF Range, Selectorised IE and IT Range for strength work, as well as functional rigs, ellipticals, treadmills and cycles, along with all the accessories you need to give you a full body workout on equipment you can rely on.

With our passion for the fitness equipment industry, as well as partnering with one of the largest Gym Groups in South Africa, Gym Direct is in the best position to bring you the complete and ultimate fitness equipment experience in the country.  Join us as we take the industry by storm as we move throughout South Africa supplying and installing the finest gym equipment available!

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