aaaaaaWhether you are looking to outfit your home, corporate business or hotel, big or small, Gym Direct has the expertise to help you set up a gym that will not only suit your budget and offer high quality gym equipment, but also guide you to strike the perfect balance between cardio and strength fitness training, for you, your staff or your guests.

Besides the fact that exercise contributes highly to our health, wellbeing and production levels in general, it is also recognised by the insurance industry as a plus, and, in a many instances produces lower insurance premiums, making the purchase of good quality gym equipment a worthy investment.

Because of our combined wealth of experience at Gym Direct, as well as being agents for the high quality, highly trusted range of Impulse Fitment Equipment, we are able to give you the best advice on how to outfit your gym at reasonable prices, no matter what size area you have to work with.

Corporate business has become ever conscious of the benefits of providing staff with in-house gym facilities for staff welfare and we are geared to equipping any size business with the best equipment.

The hospitality industry, from smaller boutique hotels to large hotel chains, also provide gym facilities for well travelled guests, and Gym Direct has combined a passion and expertise of over 50 years in the commercial and domestic gym equipment industry to provide you with the best, most effective solutions to suit your budget, and keep your clients coming back.

We will supply you with anything from Home Multi-Gyms, steps, mats and stability balls to treadmills and free weights, and with ranges like the IE, IT, PL and SL ranges in strength equipment, and our 500 and 700 ranges on Cardio equipment, we are taking the gym equipment industry by storm!

If words like redefined ergonomics, improved performance, simple, intuitive and different sound attractive to you, then Gym Direct has just the right equipment for you.


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