gymWe all know that in this fast-paced, hectic lifestyle we live, we need to maintain a healthy, balanced schedule between work, health and fitness, and no doubt, we all look at options that allow us to save time and money.

The return you get on your investment in a Home Multi-Gym is really great when you offset it against the cost of paying fees year after year and perhaps ending up with a schedule that needs constant readjustment.

Gym Direct specialises in creating the perfect home gym for you and a good place to start is with our Home Multi-Gyms, where we offer from a single stack to a four stack Multi Station Home Gym, as well as easy to understand guidelines on using the equipment.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with a Multi-Gym that has a max weight stack of 70kg’s, and the more advanced trainers would be looking at choosing those above 80kg’s.

Our home Multi-Gym’s will have,  at the very least, training stations like chest press, high pulley or lat pull down and low pulley leg developer, and, if you go for additional stations, you get the perfect combination of equipment to work on overall fitness, all in one.

The purpose of a home Multi-Gym is train all major muscle groups, and allows you a variety of strength training exercises.

Before starting with your Multi-Gym you need to make sure that you are in perfect alignment so that you avoid injury and work the muscles you want to exercise. We will advise you on seat height adjustment capabilities for the Home Multi-Gym you are looking for; it is important that seat height adjustment be aligned properly for every strength training exercise.

Last, but not least, don’t invest in cheap equipment that is going to squeak and screech all the way through your training, causing a distraction that we will help you avoid at Gym Direct with expert guidance!

Multi-Gym’s are also a great, space saving investment for smaller corporate gyms or boutique hotels, where all you would need to add for an effective, all-round workout would be cardio equipment, and free weights, if you have the space!

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