Aldersgate-gym-floorThe answer to that, in a nutshell, is everything, countrywide! Our friendly team at Gym Direct will use their combined knowledge and expertise to guide you through the different brands and combinations of gym equipment that is competitively priced and up to date.

In terms of the equipment needs we are able to meet, if you visit our website, you will see that we stock only high quality equipment with which to help you outfit your gym, whether it is a home gym, a large commercial gym, or corporate gym.

For residential and semi-commercial gym equipment, in terms of cardio training, we offer various treadmills, upright cycles, recumbent cycles and ellipticals, and, for strength training we offer the Selectorised PL and IF ranges, along with a range of Home Multi-Gym’s.

Gym Direct’s high quality commercial equipment is aimed at being of a high enough standard to work really hard many hours a day, seven days a week, which means that the focus is on items that have heavy duty cables, pulleys and bearings, to ensure longevity.

The cardio equipment supplied for commercial use also covers cardio of course, with a wider selection of heavier duty strength training equipment, such as the Free Weight Sterling, which makes the SL line the epitome of robust effectiveness combined with industry standard design that redefines the concept of the plate loaded strength training system. Other features of the SL line are that it is less complex to use and requires minimum maintenance, and user friendly training manuals assist the user to understand the machine better.

Gym Direct will also supply you with the Functional Zone, which offers a station that is interchangeable, offering a full customising ability to suit either individual or group fitness needs, emphasizing all aspects of functional strength. Clubs or corporate gyms looking at space and cost saving solutions that will still maximise training options have found this a perfect choice.

Contact our friendly team for expert guidance in either replacing gym equipment, or investing in your gym equipment, the right way, whether for corporate gyms, commercial or private gyms!

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