gymdddWorking in partnership with one of the largest Gym Groups in South Africa, Gym Direct has the experience and knowledge to help you put together a home gym that will ensure you have access to the finest gym equipment available, to make the pleasure of owning your own home gym a reality.

Home gym training is the perfect place for people who want to train in a way that really does produce results, while fitting their training into hectic schedules.

Having a home gym makes life easier, especially when your best laid plans go south, and interrupt your training schedule; you get to stay on track with your training, knowing you can fit your session in despite life getting in the way.

Having a home gym also allows you the freedom to train when you want to, at your own pace, without having to spend time in traffic getting to a commercial gym and then having to wait between reps for equipment to become available, especially at peak hours.

In your home gym you get to make as much noise as you need to while doing hectic sets of squats or lifts, or whatever it is that brings on that primal yell of agony!

You get to choose your own atmosphere, using decor, pictures and colours that motivate you and, even better, you get to choose your own rock tunes to work out to, at any volume you like!

A serious cost benefit is that if you are an advanced body builder, or serious about your fitness programme having priority in balancing out a hectic lifestyle, owning your own home gym is going to save you years worth of fees that will keep adding up.

During winter it is difficult to get out there to do your cardio, where having your own home gym will create a kind of all-year-round climate controlled environment in which to keep your fitness levels at peak, year round.

At Gym Direct we will ensure that you get maximum returns on your investment in the best equipment.

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