This simple, clean, selectorised series consists of single-function, dual-function, multi-station and home gym machines, specially designed for entry level fitness clubs and institutional applications.  If you are either an experienced athlete or beginner exerciser, you will be capable to get a quick, easy and complete workout.
A quick and easy adjustment design will make your workout more effective. More importantly they are inexpensive to own and easy to maintain.

IF8101 - Chest


IF8102 - Lat Pulldown / Low Row


IF8103 - Arm Curl


IF8105 - Leg Extension


IF8106 - Seated Leg Curl


IF8109 - Multi Hip


IF8110 - Leg Press / Calf Raise


IF8112 - Shoulder Press


IF116 - Inner / Outer Thigh


IF8120 - Chin Dip assist


IF8121 - Multi Press


IF8122 - Pec Fly / Rear Delt


IF8123 - Bicep / Tricep


IF8124 - AB / Back


IF8125 - Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley


IF8127 - 4 Stack Multi - Station


IF8127OPT - Cable Cross Over


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